Meet ERS+’s New Editions!

Happy 2024 and Black History Month!

ERS+, Boston’s Black Experience is pleased to be not only in it’s new year, but also have the privilege of introducing two of our newest Urban Coordinators and content creators. Meet Kathia and Bryan. Below are a few little snippets about them and what we can expect in the months ahead.

Urban Coordinator Kathia

Urban Coordinator Kathia

Hi all! My name is Kathia Dawson and I’m a senior student at Emerson College studying journalism. I have always loved music of every genre, and I am so excited to be working at ERS+. Looking to the future, I hope to continue writing about music, sharing my opinions and learning more about the music world.

Meet Urban Coordinator Bryan

Urban Coordinator Bryan

Ayo! What’s poppin to all the boppers out there reading this. My name is Bryan Edouard. A.k.a Fry and I’m from Mattapan, Boston, Massachusetts (Have to let y’all know). My artist name is Bishop Toussaint and I’m a MC who was inspired by the golden era of Hip Hop. I was born in 1999 but lived as if I was a mid teen in the 90s. Getting into music was bound to happen for i used my resources to obtain music and my main 3 was the Radio, Film, and video games. It was a process because outside of life experiences, Friends and mentors in the game like Devin Ferreira who now works at Berklee, KEI who brought home a BMA, Back to Back, Jo Saza, who’s up and coming and so on and so forth. Being a Bboy first and now being a MC who films is really something that brings me joy for It became my purpose to help show that hip hop isn’t dead… If anything it’s being recycled and revamped. Hip Hop isn’t just a culture to people like me and with differences. It’s life and a life saver and that’s ILLmatic, word up.

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