ERS+ peeps City Winery Boston’s Poetry Vs. Hip Hop Event!

written by Bryan Edouard aka Bishop Toussaint

Queen Sheba and Jamello
Check it, right? Bostonions from all over the city gathered at City Winery to watch local Hip-Hop performers and poets go face to face in a battle of wits.

Through the doors of the wine venue was the Grammy nominated artist, Queen Sheba and her right-hand man Jamal Moore aka “Jamellow,” emceeing the event. Queen Sheba has been a host for the Poetry vs. Hip-Hop slam for nine years, but this event marks the first one she’s hosted in Boston.

Amanda SheaNajee Janey and his band

The pair greeted the energetic crowd whilst servers opened wine bottles, and conversation and laughter traveled through the room. Once the crowd settled they introduced the special performers of the night before the competition took place. Boston brand ambassador Amanda Shea began the show with her iconic poem “Social Media,” while a Sax player played in the background. Next up was the cheeky comedian Corey Manning, who made the audience hold their stomachs from laughter. The last performance before the battle was Roxbury native Najee Janey and an ensemble. He is a Hip-Hop songwriter, rapper, and poet. He temporarily turned the venue into a dance floor with his suave performance and funked it up with sweet tunes and groovy vibes.

King David

After the special guests were finished, the main event ensued. The hosts explained and demonstrated the rules of the competition, emphasizing that this battle is one of peace and love. Queen Sheba displayed her classy style which explained why she was Grammy nominated and Jamellow slammed the mic with such a poetic sway that it could’ve started a revolution.

Team Hip-Hop was led by Queen Sheba and Team Poetry by Jamellow, and boy it was intense. We had King David, Brandy Blaze , and Milkshaw Benedict on team Hip-Hop while Cloud , Anita D, and D for Team Poetry,  all over the Boston metropolitan area. The battle was an enticing one and kept you entertained while educating you on the arts alongside the artist showcasing their craft. Poets and rappers ranged from lighthearted topics, to their own personal grief. 

The audience laughed and cheered towards the end of it. If you want a chance to join in on the fun, you can, when they swing back to City Winery, July 10th. So make sure you swing on by before and after the event in July by checking out City Winery on 80 Beverly Street, Boston, MA and check out the website at to see what’s happening around if you’re ever in town. This is Bryan Edouard aka Bishop Toussaint from ERS+, the sister station of WERS 88.9 FM and I’ll Catch you on the Flip. God bless, GodSpeed, and GodBody.

Bryan Edouard aka Bishop Toussaint